Overcoming Burnout with Kyle Ota

March 16, 2023 Carla Reeves
Overcoming Burnout with Kyle Ota
Show Notes

Do you struggle with taking on too much?  Do you find it hard to rest?

I have a conversation for you today that cracks this all open and takes you behind the scenes of burnout -the impact, the costs, the heartache AND the recovery.

Kylie Ota, a Business Burnout Coach, joins me today and generously opens her heart and shares her story of over-working that eventually wore her body down and caused a major, important pivot in her life.

I believe you will find yourself somewhere in here story - I sure did.

This is a long conversation, but well worth the listen. 

I invite you to shine a light in your own life as you listen to her story - is your body, or an area of your life calling for your attention?


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