#43: Thrive Thursday with Tricia Livermore

October 21, 2021 Carla Reeves
#43: Thrive Thursday with Tricia Livermore
Show Notes

If life is feeling a little too serious or a lot too heavy this episode is for you.

Often when life gets hard or we get too busy, we stop doing the little things that can make all the difference.  In this episode, I am joined by Tricia Livermore, a Heart-Centered Intuitive Coach and HeartMath Mentor.  Her mission is to helping people find peace and harmony within themselves by connecting with their heart. 

In this episode, we share the story behind joining forces last year to collaborate on something now known as Thrive Thursday.   We also talk about why celebration is so important, what it looks like and how you can bring more celebration into your everyday life.

We believe that when life gets extra busy or hard it becomes MORE  important to find pockets of celebration, moments of gratitude, and pauses to take a breath and just be. 


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